martedì 1 settembre 2015

SD Europe and network to meet in Hamburg, September 5-6 - Supporters Direct

( Supporters' groups, national organisations and member-run clubs from sixteen countries will gather in Hamburg over the weekend of 5-6 September, for the inaugural Supporters Direct (SD) Europe network meeting, hosted by HFC Falke e.V.

Over the course of two days, the participants will discuss ideas, experiences, successes and challenges from the past season, and will also look ahead to the future of SD Europe and the network it has served since 2007. The organisations attending have grown in response to a range of circumstances, but are all united by their commitment to good governance in football, and the involvement of supporters in decision-making at their clubs and governing bodies.

As well as hosting the event at their home Rudi Barth Stadion, members and volunteers from HFC Falke e.V will be providing a lively social programme throughout the two days, ensuring that the discussions and cementing of relationships can continue outside the formal agenda. The weekend will culminate with an 'away trip' to support Falke, at Rissener SV II. Appropriately, the same weekend sees the German Non-League Day taking place.

Those not present in Hamburg can follow the discussions via the #SDEurope15 hashtag, the official SD Europe Twitter feed, and Facebook page.

About SD Europe
SD Europe is an organisation that assists democratic supporters’ groups in achieving formal structured involvement in their clubs and associations, and developing member ownership of football clubs.
Established in 2007 with support from UEFA, SD Europe also advises clubs on their ownership and governance structure and works with football governing bodies, leagues, UEFA, and European institutions. Currently, it is active in over 20 European countries and is responsible for the implementation of the Supporter Liaison Officer requirement (Art. 35, UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations). For more information, contact Ben Shave ( / +44 7985 628 215)


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