mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Hereford FC, Jon Hale Gives Update On Progress Of Lease Deal

(Source: Speaking first thing this morning, Hereford FC Chairman Jon Hale has given an update on the current situation regarding the formal completion of the Edgar Street lease deal that was provisionally agreed with Herefordshire Council just over two weeks ago.

He said:

‘Late yesterday afternoon, alongside Governance Director Phil Eynon and our commercial lease expert Phil Pratt, I met with Geoff Hughes and Tony Featherstone from Herefordshire Council.

‘The meeting was an excellent one and I’m pleased to report that a lot of progress was made.

‘We took a file to the meeting containing all the relevant information required to satisfy the stringent financial conditions understandably set out by the local authority to enable the lease deal to be completed. We are pleased to confirm council officials stated we have now provided all the detail they require to move ahead and finalise the agreement.

‘We also now have a draft of the lease document which we will go through in detail over the next couple of days to ensure that everything is in order and that it contains everything that has been agreed between ourselves and our new landlord.

‘The results of the electrical survey that is being completed at Edgar Street will be known shortly and we will be meeting the council early next week to discuss this with them. We already know the survey has shown certain parts of the ground are unsafe and that we won’t be able to take possession of the keys until these issues are rectified. However, we will get this repair work done as quickly as we can.

‘We are also hopeful the draft of the lease document will be agreed at that meeting too, prior to going to the lawyers for completion.

‘All in all we are pleased with the current position after yesterday’s meeting and we have been assured by Mr Hughes and Mr Featherstone that the deal for the lease will be signed by Friday 27th March at the very latest.

‘As soon as there are any further developments to report we will share them with supporters, but in the meantime I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued interest in the progress of Hereford FC and say how much we are looking forward to securing the keys to Edgar Street and getting this club’s journey started for real.’


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