lunedì 19 gennaio 2015

Hull City Council confirm an application nominating the KC Stadium as an Asset of Community Value

A group of Hull City supporters have applied for the KC Stadium to be made an asset of community value.

If approved, it will mean that if the city council ever put the stadium up for sale, theHull City Supporters Trust will get a chance to bid to buy it.

Mark Gretton from the Supporters Trust says it'll provide a safety-net for the fans' interests whatever happens in the future:
"We're not planning on bidding for this. We're not necessarily expecting that the stadium will be put up for sale, but we think it gives a degree of transparency and helps us as supporters and helps the people and the city of Hull to know what's happening with a major asset at the heart of the community."

He says it's only fair that the fans get to know any future changes at the stadium:
"We hear a lot about the money that's put in to football by the owners, but both Hull FC and Hull City have been kept going over a lot of years because the money that all of us fans have put in. I think it's right that we have a little bit more transparency on our teams." 

Mark says the fans of Hull City and FC deserve to know about whatever the future holds for the stadium, and their teams.
"Ownership of the ground is important, and I think as a fan knowing what's happening and knowing if the stadium changes hands, which could have a big effect on our club, that we will be able to be aware of that from the start, to know who it is, who's coming and who's putting bids in, and I think that will help." 

In a statement, Hull City Council says: 
"We can confirm that we have received an application nominating the KC Stadium as an Asset of Community Value.
“We are legally obliged to consider any such application and assess the eligibility of the nomination to be included as a Community asset on a public list. As part of this process, we must notify all parties with a vested interest and invite them to comment on the nomination.”


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